Thank you Todd. I am so glad I have this tech support. I am not good nor comfortable with computers. It is a love/hate relationship. Knowing I can contact you and it will be fixed is awesome. I know it’s your job but you do it well and efficiently and it is greatly appreciated by Rev. Chuck and I at North Eaton Christian Church.

Londa B.
— Grafton, OH

For what Fran and I pay for one meal at a chain restaurant we can have our computer monitored and working smoothly. It is a no brainer for us. This remote service is a great idea.

Pat S.
— Cleveland, OH

Every time my grandkids come over my computer does not work the same. I have no idea what they do or where they have been. With the managed services I don’t have to worry when they get on my computer. If it is not working smoothly the next day I just put in a ticket request to have it looked over.

Peter C.
— Olmsted Falls, OH

“I have teenagers and we all know what inappropriate things they like to look at on the internet.  Web Protect gave me the power to block the sites I know I don’t want them looking at but also blocks any dangerous sites they may come upon themselves.  It is the first line of defense for parents.”

Wendy D.
— Cleveland, OH

Who has time to keep up with the latest technology? I just want my computer to work when I want to use it. I don’t have to put up with it being slow any more. In fact I don’t have to put up with any problems or aggravations. Call Jimbo technicians take care of all of it for me. I love them.

Jim H.
— Columbus, OH

My mom is constantly calling me because her computer does not work right. I try to get over as soon as possible but with work and family sometimes it is a couple days. I bought her a year contract with Call Jimbo for Mother’s Day and she is thrilled. Now she calls me to tell me what Call Jimbo fixed and how much she loves this gift. If you have parents and don’t know what to buy them for a holiday Call Jimbo is a great idea.

Pam S.
— Strongsville, OH

Todd worked remotely on my computer. I work from home, but I also travel for work. Attempting to bring my computer in to the store to fix it involves leaving it with them for up to a week. Todd was able to remotely work on my computer and made improvements in its performance, without it ever leaving my home office. He also was able to remotely re-connect my printer for me. It was extremely helpful to have this done in a matter of hours, when my other option is days!

It’s like having my own personal geek at my fingertips.

Thanks Todd!

John W.
— Medina, OH