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Can’t get that printer to work the way you want? ...
Concerned about your computer’s security? ...

CallJimbo can SOLVE your frustrating computer problems for good — and allow you to move on with your day!

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Automated PC Monitoring

Our 24/7 PC Monitoring tool makes it easy for us to spot periodic computer problems and fix them quickly ... often before you even know there is an issue!

Remote Management

Armed with real-time information on your system status, we are able to stop small problems before they become costly and stressful disasters. All without ever stepping foot in your home!

Superior Antivirus Protection

Our Antivirus Protection offers highly effective virus defense, with very low impact on your computer system. Plus, the software is automatically renewed and updated by our team.

Web Protection

Keeps users safe from websites pushing malware, phishing sites, spyware, adware and SPAM. Every 5 minutes computers are protected from the latest web security threats
  • Londa B.

    Thank you Todd. I am so glad I have this tech support. I am not good nor comfortable with computers. It is a love/hate relationship. Knowing I can contact you and it will be fixed is awesome.

    Londa B.
  • Pat S.

    For what Fran and I pay for one meal at a chain restaurant we can have our computer monitored and working smoothly. It is a no brainer for us. This remote service is a great idea.

    Pat S.
  • Peter C.

    Every time my grandkids come over my computer does not work the same. I have no idea what they do or where they have been. With the managed services I don’t have to worry when they get on my computer.

    Peter C.